All-in-one Attendance Management Software

Check Time software for Time and attendance management solutions. As most of the organization is searching for a software solution that is flexible and can manage complex time management requirements of the organization. Our tailor-made "Check-Time" Time Attendanec Management software to help drive your business further Provide a safe workplace, manage time and attendance, keep payroll in check, and seamlessly return to work. Biometric time attendance systems, Includes Fingerprint + Face Recognition or card based (Proximity Smart Card) Biometric devices. Time Attendance Software has the customizable options to create multiple shift patters with different Overtime & Lateness rules. Attendance data can be integrate with trusted Payroll Software or can be export to Excel, CSV or real time sync to other applications.

Easy to use interface

Check Time Software Dashboard module integrates information from multiple modules into a unified display. The module gives you a clean, user-friendly interface, that you can manage all data easy and fast.

Employee Data Management

Centralized employee database, the Personal Information Management gives you the capability to easily and Manage store and utilize all aspects of your employee information.. View and search employee details when needed.


Shift Schedule Flexibility

Shift scheduling is a very important factor for any organization to optimize resources & team. It ensures that right combination of staff and supervisors are working at one time resulting in highest standard of service / to maximize the output

Leave/Time off Management

Staff can submit and monitor the status of their leave requests from any internet connected device. Check Time Online Web interface. when their time off request has been approved or denied by their manager/HR Admin.

Reports and Analytics

Our Reporting Solutions Generate a wide range of Reports work-time, absent report, leave report, late coming report, early going out report and over time report all report you can print by individual employee and by selecting whole department.

Payroll export Capabilities

We know the stress that processing payroll put on the individual or HR staff in charge of this task. Our Payroll export tool can easily create an export format as required by your payroll software or provider. Export in Excel/CSV/TXT/SQL


Online Dashboard

Our web based time & attendance Application powerful and easy to use interface which gives you freedom to effectively manage your company’s time attendance data virtually anywhere, dramatically reducing the number of hours required to process employee time & attendance and automatically calculating total worked hours including overtime, vacation, Leave days and holidays.

Easily integrate with trusted payroll software

Accurately and efficiently

E-Leave & Attendance


Employees apply their leaves electronically online via mobile App or web browser.


Employee’s to apply their claims via browser or mobile App



It uses GPS information ensuring the right employee is at the right place to work.


Employee can Select task and work on task’s App Record time spent on each project.